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Free Bee Removal Estimates? [Bee Facts]

While Bees are a wonderful God given creature that pollinate a whole third of our veggies and crops, produce super good honey for our biscuits. They sometimes make themselves to wonderful by moving into our homes. Luckily VIP Bee Rescue Bee Removal provides Free Bee Removal Estimates.

Bee colony in chimney bee removal
Bees found in chimney

When you see bees have inhabited your home, it is commonly a random occurrence. This means a scout bee has found a place on your home or property that's small enough to enter and big enough to party. 

Where do they nest? Bees will form a hive in a variety of places, the most common places where bees are found are: Chimney, 1st or 2nd Story Eave (Soffit), Water meter/Utility box & Trees. 

Within 7 days of bees finding a home, the bees will begin building a hive where the Queen will not spare any time to lay her generation of workers. In her 2-3 years of life, she becomes capable of laying up 2,000 eggs a day. 

Hives do not shrink in size, they will only expand in the cavity in which they nest in. 

Beehive removal from shed
Bee Inside Shed Wall

What happens if there are too many bees?

Once a hive is established and needs more room it will divide itself, another Queen will be born. Happily along with a group of bees she will make the journey to look for a new home.

What can I do?

So, if bees have invaded your home, give us a call!

s, you can trust d Removal Team & most importantly Beekeepers,

you can trust VIP Bee Rescue will resolve your bee issues all 4 seasons long.

Free Bee Removal estimates allow us to confirm the presence of bees within your home. We live by our motto: "Don't get stung, call VIP to get it done".

Our simple 4 step process: remove the bees, repair the area, warranty our work and relocate the colony. is effective in assuring the bees get saved and your property fixed.

If you would like to visit our bee removal adventures in real time feel free to follow our Instagram @vipbeerescue! #VIPBEERESCUE #savethebees

Thanks for reading! - VIP Staff

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