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What's the
VIP Bee Rescue difference?

We strive to solve your unique bee issue.

Beehives can build in any clean hollow space that can fit a basketball. 

Bees are carefully collected with low pressure vacuums and then transferred into bee boxes.

Our estimates include the process of removing the bees, the hive, you keep the honey and we handle the repairs.

Bees are kept and raised to make natural honey and help bee populations in North Texas.

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Accurate Quotes

Permanent Solutions

Worry-Free Warranty

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A team of North Texas Beekeepers that aims to help bee population and help you with bee troubles. 

Fort Worth Bee Removal

Pricing is based on the area the beehive or bees are in. Not all beehives are large, not all beehives are small.

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bee removal done right

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Siding Bee Rescue

A common place for a scout bee to find and very suitable for a bee swarm to enter.

Siding beehives are commonly seen on 2 story homes or upper exterior siding homes.

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Roof edges and soffits/eaves are often hollow spaces.

A bee inspection can help identify if you have bee activity in these areas,

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Interior Bee Rescue

We determine the best method of removal for your beehive.


An Interior bee removal is typically done when stone/brick prevent an exterior removal. 

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New Bee Colonies commonly stop of trees to rest. 

Bad weather or confused scout bees are the reason they're there after 48hrs.

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Tree Beehive Service

Tree beehives are unique, because trees are unique.


Call us today to discuss your "treehive" today.

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Not Just Bee Rescue

Relocated to Royce City, we keep and raise the bees you give us. Allowing us to grow our apiary, make honey and help honey bee population.

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Who is VIP Bee Rescue ?

A team of Beekeepers that perform safe and permanent bee removal in North Texas.

We focus on the live honey bee removal process, extermination of the beehive is the last resort. 

Bee Removal is a procedure in which bees and their hive are extracted, typically from a compartment like a wall or roof and then moved into a bee box

A special low pressure bee vacuum is used for this process. 

The bees remain alive during the bee removal, transportation and relocation into the box. 

VIP Bee Rescue has been moving bees in the North Texas since 2019.

Our team specializes in relocating bees to bee farms also know as Apiaries

The age of the hive and their lineage traits make up the bees behavior.

Attempting to remove a bees without proper gear and training can lead to serious injury or death.

We recommend professional bee removal for all beehives and bee swarms.

Wasp Removal for wasp issues.

Bee Inspections

A service within Dallas and Fort Worth.

We can also provide a Quote with Videos/Photos you send.

Houston, San Antonio & Austin Residents: Call 469-825-5218 or refer to our form here.


Repair and Warranty

All quoted services include extraction of the bees, clean-out of the hive and repairs.

Services can be performed without repairs but include no warranty.

This option is common for contractors and roofers that find a beehive while working or building.

Warranty for both the bees and repair is 3 year from service date.

We don't provide finish work such as stucco or paint, if paint is available after repair we'll paint the area for you.


Bee Removal Honey & Media

Only edible honey from your bees is provided back to you,

honey that's been previously tampered with will be discarded of.

We only recommend watching the bee removal from inside your home.

We provide you photos and videos of your bee removal so you don't risk getting stung watching. 

Visit our YouTube channel to see bee removal examples and honey bees we've rescued.

 Do We Sell Honey? (: 

The RAWEST Honey 

July  2024 


Active Beehive Information

Honey bees making a hive in a roof, wall, tree, etc. may often go unnoticed allowing them time to make a large hive. It's important to never kill the bees if the hive can't be removed completely.

Honey and other remains in the area and can cause pest problems or be rehomed by more bees. Stragglers bees may linger after service, please allow 3 days for activity to subside.

What is a Honey Bee?

Honey bees are small winged insects, black and golden in color with black stripes.

They're part of over 20,000 species of bees identified, about 4,000 of which are found in North America. 800 of them seen in Texas and one of few that produce honey!


U.S. bee populations decreased 60% from 1947 to 2008.

6 Million hives became 2.4M in 6 decades, surveys from 2017 showed populations at 2.6M

During record low temperatures in February 2021, many beehives were taken by the winter.

At VIP Bee Rescue we learned to adjust our bees (including leased) according to season.

Since 2019 we have made it a priority to care for the hives over making honey or other products.

We believe bees are important to us, our ecosystems and food production.

Our mission is relocation over extermination.

We Proudly Service

Dallas, Richardson, Plano,

Frisco, Carrollton, McKinney, Forney,

Allen, Garland, Denton, Lewisville & More!

Bee Removal Quotes/Info


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