VIP Bee Rescue offers humane bee removal from your home! Serving Dallas TX.
Free Estimates on Removal of Bees. 

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Why chose us?

VIP Bee Rescue finds the most efficient way to remove a bee hive from a structure and we don't sting your wallet either. 

Founded in Dallas, TX in 2019

VIP Bee Rescue's mission is to save honey bees and relocate their hive to allow them to thrive.  

When bees invade our homes, they aren't aware of the damage they can cause. 

Roofs, walls or soffits make great homes for bees as they are usually at bee flying level and very spacious, similar to a large bee hive


VIP Bee Rescue is Bee Removal like No Other! 

We begin with focusing on our customer and their homes, extracting the beehive as efficiently as possible. 

Honeybees have always been in North Texas and Dallas is a big part of that area. Being so large that it's susceptible to bees and the ecological benefits and problems they bring. Beekeepers ready to assist you with your bee removal needs. 

Did you know when a bee stings, they emit a chemical pheromone to signal the attack to the rest of the colony which commonly results in numerous stings.  Bees are largest killer of humans in the U.S. directly caused by animals.  That's 40-60 people annually with those numbers increasing year after year. Because of the wild behavior bees have, it's always best to call professionals.

VIP Bee Rescue removes and relocates bee hives that have usually homed in an unpleasant area. Contact Us for your free and accurate estimate.

Once we remove the live hive we repair the area to prevent future re-homing. 

We provide a 1 year warranty with all repairs and you receive all photos from your removal. 

Extermination is a cheaper alternative but not always the best option for most situations.

"Don't get stung, call VIP to get it done"

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VIP Bee Rescue understands that your home is unique and very important to you. When it was built, what shade of paint it is and all the decorative differences that set it apart. We are efficient in entering the roof and other areas where the beehive is located. We are certain our quality repair will meet your standards and remain the same roof or area it once was. Almost every area meets the criteria for a bee removal, exceptions would be brick or stone work and area that are unreachable with tools. We strive to keep the hive alive and only relocate bees, extermination is a cheaper alternative but a hive remains beehive and becomes a problem when it is left or re-homed by robber bees.

Warranty is provided with services that include repair, services that aren't repaired are at risk for future bee activity. Unless repair denied when quote is provided, all bee hive extractions include repair in quote. Bees are humanely vacuumed with low pressure so they are safely transported. We follow all safety practices during bee removals. A power outlet and water are used during bee removals for power tools and effective area cleaning of hive remnants. Only edible honey will be provided to customer and other parties - non-edible honey will be discarded of.

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