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Polistes Paper Wasp Removal, Exterminations & Annual Treatments Options

Ground Yellow Jacket Nest.jpeg

Yellow Jacket Nest Removal,

Extermination & Annual Treatment Options

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Wasp Infestation, Extermination and Heavy Activity Preventative Options

Poliste Paper Wasp Nest.jpg

A common place for paper wasp nest are shrubs, on tree branches, on porch ceilings, window and door frames, roof overhangs (soffits) attic rafters, and under decks or railings.

Yellow Jacket Nest Entry.png

Yellowjackets often make their nests underground in wood piles, trees, dense vegetation, utility spaces, under sheds and other enclosed cool temperature spaces.

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For all simple or advanced wasp developments we offer extermination and other permanent wasp removal solutions. Call us anytime to consult your wasp removal.

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Have a commercial or remote location that needs a wasp flush out and cleanup? Contact us to schedule your wasp flush out. 

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Wasp nest are unique,

because homes are unique.

We can help caulk, mesh, block or seal any areas in your home.

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We're glad to serve the North Texas community.

Thanks for choosing VIP B.R. 

as a NextDoor 2023 Neighborhood Fave

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VIP Bee Rescue Bee Removal provides safe and permanent wasp removal in Dallas 

& Surrounding Areas. Wasp Extermination is ideal for most wasp cases.

Call us to schedule your wasp solution today. 

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