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VIP Bee Rescue humanely removes bees from your home! Serving Allen Tx!
Free Estimates on Removal of Bees. 

CALL US AT (469) 825-5218 or (929) CMY-BEES

Why chose us?

VIP Bee Rescue finds the most efficient way to remove a bee hive from a structure and we don't sting your wallet either.

Honeybees have always been in North Texas and it's susceptible to bees and the ecological benefits and problems they bring. 

Beekeepers ready to assist you with your bee removal needs. 

VIP Bee Rescue removes and relocates bee hives that have usually homed in an unpleasant area. Contact Us for your free and accurate estimate in Allen TX & Surrounding Areas.

Once we remove the live hive we repair the area to prevent future re-homing. 

We provide a 1 year warranty with all repairs and you receive all photos from your removal. Extermination is the last resort solution for removal, we focus on extracting the hive to let the bees thrive!

"Don't get stung, call VIP to get it done"

(469) 825-5218

 (929) CMY-BEES

Did you know when a bee stings, they emit a chemical pheromone to signal the attack to the rest of the colony which commonly results in numerous stings.  Bees are largest killer of humans in the U.S. directly caused by animals.  That's 40-60 people annually with those numbers increasing year after year. Because of the wild behavior bees have, it's always best to call professionals.

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